I see what you’re saying
about how the Rebellion
and the Empire
have both done bad things
and maybe we should be fair to both
and not automatically follow Luke Skywalker
because he’s a Jedi and wants freedom
and things like that
and sure
the Empire did blew up Alderaan
but maybe it had to
and maybe I’m just not seeing the nuances
and anyway
the Rebellion blew up the Death Star shortly afterwards
brutally ending the lives
of many innocent people
and was that really justified
under the circumstances?

After careful consideration
of your request that I be reasonable
and give both sides a break
Imperials are people too
I think I will have to delay my decision
as I have a funeral to attend
this Saturday

It is for millions of Alderaanians
so it may take a while

Let me get back to you
in about two and a half
thousand years
and we’ll see
what we can do


the healing of the shattered twig
above the grass in my violin
above the nails in my violin
watch the weather tear through my violin
as the garlic
the garlic
festers in the space beneath my violin

and the green onions
are hanged in the wardrobe
and the grey carrots
are hanged in the wardrobe
and the orange carrot
lonely in the bunch
cries out against the night
against the despair
the lost voice
of the isolated vegetable

and the flowery vase
is hanged in the wardrobe
and the violin bow
is hanged in the wardrobe
and all is lost
and none is harmed
and everything makes sense

Definitely Not a Cat

Damn damn damn
I have tripped over my own assumptions
and am about to learn a neat little lesson
as I sit with a symbolic animal
in my lab

While that happens
stand by
and afterwards
one of us can become the villain

I bet that
sounds good
to you