Ice Storm

You are the ice storm of my heart
and I dodge your rattling branches
as gusts of vicious wind fling me
into the maelstrom of your desire
and someday I shall slip upon your sidewalks
and shake my fist at the recklessness of your drivers
as you cover everything with diamonds
that are really quite annoying for several days afterwards


Life Is a Series of Doorways, and That’s Important

You keep choosing the wrong doorways
even though you should really know better
and we are just standing here watching you do it
and everybody is pointing and laughing
since it’s very clear to everyone but you
that you should have taken the left doorway seventeen years ago
but you chose the one on the right
and ever since then
your life has been a series of increasingly wrong decisions
so good luck with everything
as I hope you are aware
that none of your choices can ever be right