The road of life
is bumpy
and full of obstacles
mostly for hobbits
who inherit problematic jewelry
but also for non-hobbits
who inherit no jewelry at all

This has been a metaphor

I hope you enjoyed it

I put hobbits
in all my metaphors


Maybe you should not
run away with the Beeble

Everyone knows
what the Beeble does when it gets you alone

Beware the Beeble
for it is cruel and full of dangers

I am not impressed
with your Beeble-themed pyjamas

Beebles are absolutely everywhere
since you brought the first one home


I have made something nice
but you are so critical

You never say anything positive
about anything I do

You ridicule me
and roll your eyes as you put me down

I am discouraged
by your negative feedback

I don’t know if I will ever
make another evil robot

My heart is simply
not in it any more