So Blue

Your name is so blue
so covered with cheese
and now the cheese is everywhere
gaining sentience
as the clever ringmaster
drops the ripe tomato
and the end of all things
has hobbits in it

On Good Poems

Good poems
are as rare as diamonds
and would never be so crass
as to use diamond-based similes

Good poems
stand stoutly astride the universe
and are also quite sparing
with their metaphors

Good poems
drive good men
to scream into hurricanes:
“I am no poet!”

Good poems
will be exceedingly kind to you
and take you out to dinner
when they think you may need to talk

Too Many Clocks

That clock is right
and that clock is wrong
and that clock doesn’t work
and neither does that clock
and the microwave clock has never been set
and the over doesn’t have a clock
and that watch loses twenty seconds a day
and that computer’s clock sets itself automatically
and that heart-shaped clock is evil and bent on world domination
and I just don’t know what to do
with all these clocks