cheese cheese
piece of
not the way
never the way
never the butter
always the cheese
the cheese
the cheese
in the corner
of that metaphor

What to Do With Leftover Cheese

1) Eat it immediately

2) Use it
along with a clever cipher based
on the phases of the moon
to start a revolution

3) Comb its hair
and tell it it’s beautiful
just the way it is

4) Mine its metaphorical properties
for deep poetic significance

5) Throw it at a politician

6) Throw it away from a politician
who doesn’t deserve it

7) Punch it in the face
because it has disrespected you

8) Teach it to play
the theme song
of your favourite television programme

9) Betray it
before it betrays you

10) Don’t be silly

There’s no such thing
as leftover cheese

Bass Clef

Somebody please tell me
why the bass clef
is not arranged the same way
as the treble clef

would it be that terrible
if they were the same?
Why torture us needlessly
by making them slightly different
so that people who have to use both simultaneously
end up wanting very much to stab someone?

My feelings about the bass clef
may be a bit too similar to my feelings
about certain kinds of cheese