It was not what you thought
for it was not a purple unicorn
and you were absolutely sure
it was a purple unicorn
but it was green
bright green
and more of a goat than a unicorn
and it stood as a metaphor
for human relations
which worked out well
for all concerned


O unicorn knees
I long for you
with a longing
greater than science
thicker than parsley
and more powerful than disdain

You are my one
my only
my everything
and the metaphors you produce
feed my soul

You are not finished
being amazing
and I am not finished
this hotdog

Go back to your unicorn
beloved unicorn knees
and permanently
break my heart


sportsing sportsing sportsing
so vitally important
all the sportsing everywhere
and the sportsing medals
and the unicorns
as unicorns are good at sportsing
though they have to be careful
with inflatable balls
so much sportsing
and triumph
and nationalism