How Sweet the Poetry Oh

If I declare my poesy
in ringing lines
full of fulsome words
and metaphorical toothpaste
the world will fall
at my feet and praise me
and I shall reign
over the kingdom of squirrels
and a day


Why Is Squirrel

I ask
why is squirrel
why not dog
why just squirrel
why is squirrel
not rabbit
or near rabbit
or through rabbit
always squirrel
always hunting
always hungry
and searching
and squirrel
not cat
not parrot
not me
and ever
and ever
but why is love
why is loss


No poem yesterday
because of the marking
so now I am writing yesterday’s poem
which is really boring
because it is about yesterday’s poem not being written yesterday
and I just keep going on about it
like a chump
so you should probably stop reading soon
no really
nothing interesting is happening here

except for the thing with the squirrels

Angry Muscles

Leg muscles
you are angry with me
for using you a lot this week
but do consider the alternative

I mean
you enjoy it when I veg out in front of Netflix
but you also like all that walking
you know you do
even though you whine about it afterwards

And obviously
you want to grow up big and strong
so you can boast to all your leg-muscle friends
about how far you walked that one time
without getting tired

So stop complaining
and start preparing for today’s epic trek
which may involve a twisty path
and a lot of squirrels


There is dust in the watering hole
and nothing will ever be the same again
except the tips of the squirrels
and their gleeful little hats
and somebody’s leftover rainbow

Grieve for the pudding
which is not like other puddings
and cheer for the pudding
which is not like other puddings

Follow the rattlesnake
Jenny Cooper
and lash it
to the tongue
of its enemy