Penguin Tonsils

Penguin tonsils in my hair
penguin tonsils in my milk
penguin tonsils in my dog
penguin tonsils in my penguin
all the penguin tonsils screaming
crying for the end of all things
penguin tonsils in my pockets
penguin tonsils save the world


That Is Not the Right Penguin, You Fool

Your choice of penguins disturbs me
you hopeless heartless
soulless penguin chooser
and you will never be a wizard
never be a mountain
never be an answer
to any important question
so take your wrong penguin
and flee
into the desert of the lost
but bring back snacks
without too much salt in them


Those googly eyes
are staring at me
like penguins
of doom
please stop
the march of the googly eyes
please stop
the snickers of whale babies
please remove
those googly eyes
which are staring at me
like penguins
of doom

Penguin Salad

Come for a ride
on the penguin salad
which belongs in the dreams of giants
the nightmares of elves
and the wandering thoughts of Colin Spencer
age eight
who is not paying attention
to his math lesson
and is going to end up
having to stay inside
during recess

Feels Like 45̊C

Curse you
mystical penguin of humidity
for ridiculously deciding
to make the temperature feel
twelve degrees hotter
than it actually is

September should be a time of falling leaves
and brisk breezes
and visiting Australians shivering in down-filled coats
as Canadians laugh in their shirt sleeves
and eat ice cream

Go away
mystical penguin
and please
take the blasted humidity with you

Profound Dream

chainsaw-wielding clown
caught crispy in a twist of cinnamon
come my clown
come and dance
on the bed of rusty petunias

it must mean something
when the rabbit
and the other rabbit
and the third rabbit
and the penguin
fountain upward in mists of violet
and scream imprecations at the porcupine

burn the clown of dissent
burn the clown of remorse
and watch out
for the epic dystopian spy plot
in which I play at least four parts

good night clown
good night brown
rabbit in the pasture
with the rain coming down