Tooth of Wisdom

wisdom tooth
it was sad to see you go
even though you apparently
had a huge cavity
that was eventually going to start hurting
a lot

Now there is only
a gaping hole
that occasionally gushes blood
possibly because I think the stitches fell out like half an hour after the extraction
a gaping hole
that signifies
my heart

My dentist asked me
if I wanted to keep you afterwards
because I guess he once had a patient who got really upset
when the assistant threatened
to throw his tooth away

But I didn’t even bid you farewell

I just went home
and grimaced a lot
since my face was so frozen
that for a long time
I couldn’t even feel my right ear

Tiny Buckets

pitter patter
pitter patter
tiny buckets on my lawn
with the eyes
the eyes
the eyes
of horror

watch the little buckets
tiny buckets
eat the pony
why little buckets why
why the pony
my pony
the pony of my dreams

tiny buckets of my heart
make it end
make the lawn
all soft and smooth and happy

Send the Package

Why do you not just send the package?
The package
is metaphor
and I scream in the vacuum of its Gaze.

Tiny cantaloupe footsteps
tap their way across
my inner post office
which longs for the package
you have not sent
the package
you have not sent
the package
you have not

Where is the package?
Where is my heart?
Is it in the package?
Is it the tape you used to seal the package shut?
Is it the brown paper in which you wrapped the package?
Is it the stamp?
Is there a stamp?
A lot of people don’t use stamps any more.
What if my heart is the stamp
and there is no stamp on the package?

is a package
with no stamp on it
that is never sent
probably because postal fees
are far too high these days.