you cannot be a rabbit
I say
you must resist
the rabbit impulse
the rabbit feelings
against the rabbit within
take as your model
any rabbit
that does not want to be
a rabbit
and you will strive
and you will win
and no rabbit
will ever rule in Narnia


You are a bunny
metaphorically speaking
a twitchy
adorable bunny
rumoured to be rather randy
and prone to leaving
little nests full of babies
under the grass

It is possible
I am beginning
to lose control
of the metaphor

But still
you are a bunny
and I am not
and thus
I must always tread carefully
when walking across the lawn

Owl Rabbit

The owl rabbit
is a self-loathing creature
that knows it is too meaningful
for ordinary poetry

It sulks in the bushes
hiding from the poets
who roam the woody glens
longing to kill and eat it

It sings the song
of the owl rabbit
which is a sad song
full of metaphors

When it is finally cornered
it hoots through its teeth
and showers its tormentors
with floods of bitter carrot juice


That rabbit
is throwing eggs everywhere
and I don’t understand why

I mean
there are eggs in the trees and
smashed against the side of that house
and Kelsey just went to the bathroom and
you guessed it
there were eggs on the toilet seat
which she unfortunately didn’t notice
so now she’s upset
and still has to pee

That rabbit
is just running around flinging eggs left and right
and they break easily
and there’s yolk all over my pants
and nobody knows how to make the rabbit stop
as it seems to be on some sort of power kick
and can apparently get as many eggs as it wants

That rabbit
must be destroyed
so I shall call in the military
or animal control or something
and maybe a couple of farmers
since they may be able to do something with these eggs

I know I can’t

Breakfast is over
and I really just want things
to settle down

Profound Dream

chainsaw-wielding clown
caught crispy in a twist of cinnamon
come my clown
come and dance
on the bed of rusty petunias

it must mean something
when the rabbit
and the other rabbit
and the third rabbit
and the penguin
fountain upward in mists of violet
and scream imprecations at the porcupine

burn the clown of dissent
burn the clown of remorse
and watch out
for the epic dystopian spy plot
in which I play at least four parts

good night clown
good night brown
rabbit in the pasture
with the rain coming down