The bees
have taken over
and destroyed
the fabric of reality
but you
will never surrender
will never falter
will never fall
in the face
of bees
in the face
of destiny
in the face
of elementary physics
and all
all that


Sword of Destiny

My sword
is a sword of destiny
it has a name and everything
a destined name
that I didn’t pick myself
which was actually sort of annoying
but anyway
in my sword
leading me onward
dictating my fate
making my life
a life
of meaning

I am
so confused

Long Article

the students are in despair
for the article
they must read this week
is ten pages long
ten pages
with footnotes
with actual footnotes
with terrible footnotes
and a bibliography

can anyone be expected
to read so much material
in a single week?
Where is the horse?
Where its rider?
Weep for the sparrow’s flight
through the mead hall
existence is meaningless
and death
comes to us all

The article looms
like a frosty harbinger of destiny
and the students troop towards it
not yet realising
they are going to need
to look up the word “epiphenomenal”

Stage Light

The light on the stage
lights up the performer brilliantly
but does not allow that performer
to see the document
she is supposed to be reading

This must be some sort of metaphor
for the tragedy of sentience
or the destiny of humankind
or the irony of the social and cultural structure of the Western world
or the proper way to prepare fish

Let us shine the light of obscurity
on the performer of ineptitude
and create a situation
that drags us kicking and screaming
towards profundity