Punching Fist

My fist
is a punching fist
that punches inequality
and slightly underdone pie

With my punching fist
I save the world
so much
so completely
and also many dessert foods

Rage against the lack
of fist punching in our economy
and strike back when
the pie is a bit too
raw in the middle


Our dystopia
is not
like other dystopias

In it
the heroes of the resistance
are a bunch of park rangers
and a girls’ magazine

Protesters make funny signs
they believe in passionately
and demonstrate the power
of knitting

forbidden to present their data
fight back
with sarcasm

Everyone goes to bed scared
and wakes up terrified
and then someone parodies an Andrew Lloyd Webber song
and everything is a bit less dark

Our dystopia
would be quite jarring
in a book about dystopias