Everyone is angry with the fish
for not meaning anything

It tries
but it is just a fish

Fish are notoriously bad
at meaning things

For effortless meaning
you want a kangaroo

That is simply the way
it has always been

This Old Man

There is an old man
stuck to my wall
an old man
with an apple for a face
such a meaningful metaphor
about things
such a meaningful substitute
for meaning

Worship the old man
little antelope child
treat him like
that guy in the supermarket who
always throws grapes at the
clerks for some reaon
treat him like
truth and beauty

I cannot look at you
old man stuck to my wall
for you remind me of fillings
and the inevitable fall of empires


It is the 16th of January
random numbers have corresponded randomly
it must mean something
perhaps something bad
perhaps the Apocalypse is beginning
or there are going to be snakes
snakes everywhere
so many snakes
this is very upsetting
I wish the numbers would stop meaning so many things
the letters don’t mean anything
so the numbers shouldn’t either
it just gets in the way
of the enjoyment of life
and now I have to go hide from all the snakes
which is annoying
to say the least