Socks Are Meaningful

Socks are meaningful
and all twisted up with foreboding
especially the blue ones
with the yellow toes and heels

Do not wear them
while trying to take over the world
as you will surely fail
and possibly lose your socks

Losing your socks is traumatic
and often leads
to burgeoning feelings
that trigger your allergies

If you are sad about your socks
be comforted
by the fact that others
are in the same boat


I am playing in a concert
and my socks are too tight

I didn’t know that was possible
but my calves are definitely on fire

perhaps wearing knee socks to a concert
was a bad idea

let me just bend over
and pull my socks down

I’m pretty sure
no one will notice

Socks With Flowers on Them

I wrote a poem
about socks with flowers on them
and then my computer froze
and ate my poem
and none of the socks have flowers now
the flowers have been swallowed
by despair
and computer-related frustration
and fury born
of completely unrelated
deadline-induced panic

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

I did not get you socks
because you have a lot of those already

I suppose some have holes in them
but you’ve still got enough to go on with

And admittedly
I didn’t get you a tie either

I mean
I remember you wearing ties sometimes

There was even one that looked
like a tie-dyed fish

But now you are retired and sometimes look for excuses
not to wear pants

So I also didn’t get you pants
or anything clothes-related

Not even cufflinks
which raise the same problem as ties

I got you a poem

It’s a little worn around the edges
and smells vaguely of mothballs

But you don’t have to be wearing
pants to read it

And that
is really all that matters