Feels Like 45̊C

Curse you
mystical penguin of humidity
for ridiculously deciding
to make the temperature feel
twelve degrees hotter
than it actually is

September should be a time of falling leaves
and brisk breezes
and visiting Australians shivering in down-filled coats
as Canadians laugh in their shirt sleeves
and eat ice cream

Go away
mystical penguin
and please
take the blasted humidity with you


Good lord
that owl is still staring at me
that photographed owl
eternally sitting
on the tree branch

I wish it were a space owl
in fact
I wish everything were a space owl
an owl
in space

That way
I wouldn’t have to go back
to work
in September

Time Flies

Will you please slow down, July?
I would like this summer to last forever
but it is going crazy fast
and soon it will be September
and the marking will begin again,
the terrible terrible marking.

July, I need to punch you in the face with Time
so you will become afraid of it
and go hide under a bench somewhere.
And then I need to do something productive
instead of sitting around
wishing it wasn’t mid-July already.

stay the hell out of my life
and let July last for a little bit longer.
I am not ready
to let it go.