My Book

My book is full of pages
that are full of words
and is thus a metaphor
that I shall use
again and again
and with sly intent
while the little people
watch sadly from the wings
and do not understand
the profundity
of my book

Yellow Book

Oh my
it is a yellow book
it makes me happy
because it is yellow
I have no idea
what’s inside it
but if it’s as yellow
on the inside
as it is
on the outside
I shall be pleased

But there’s also a bit
of green on the cover
and that worries me
for what if the author
is doing a bait and switch
and the inside of the book
is more green than yellow?
I am very concerned

And what if the inside
of the book is red?
There’s no red on
the cover at all
but what if the cover
is lying to me?
What on earth am I
supposed to do then?

I’m going to have
to trust that the
inside of the book will
be as yellow as possible
and prepare to send
many angry protest letters
if it isn’t

And Now Thursday

Thursday is happy to be Thursday
but sad not to be Friday
as Friday always seems to have all the fun

Thursday wears long denim skirts and sensible shoes
and doesn’t smoke or drink
or attend loud parties involving dancing and beer pong

Thursday would rather curl up with a book
and contemplate the possibility of cleaning its apartment
but still feels its might be missing something

Thursday pities Wednesday
who has no sense of humour and all
and sometimes turns Wednesday’s underwear inside out on laundry day