say the lights
in my classroom


Time for
my weekly



Pick a subject
any subject
that’s right
step right up
follow the lady
you won’t believe your eyes
you won’t believe my assertions
it will all make sense
and nonsense
and then sense again
and we’ll blow up the carnival
and start again

That Fish

It swims
into my memory
and made of anger
oh the fish
oh the striving
and the shielding
children from despair
watch the fish
shine like fire
as it writes narrow-minded
letters to the editor
and refuses to acknowledge
the beauty inherent
in the subsequent analysis

Damn Mordor Again

It’s that damn Mordor again
sending down orders
saying we need to catch the hobbits

No one’s bothered
to tell us what a hobbit is
since I guess that would take a lot of effort

We keep getting sent out
to be slaughtered by elves
and absolutely no one cares

I just want to settle down
in a dank cave
and maybe start a garden

is that really
too much to ask?

Extra Poem

There you are
extra poem
hiding in the bottom
of the drawer that holds everything
from a random collection
of bottle caps
to my aunt’s passport
which expired in 1973
the latter of which
is actually quite amazing
as my aunt
has never lived here
It’s time for you
to come out now
so say goodbye
to the subway transfers
and the single grey sock
I never remember
having seen before