Sadness is a phone receiver
torn from the bosom of its cradle
and flung into the hotel corridor
for no apparent reason



Is it possible
to be in Pittsburgh
but never actually
see it?

Does a car
without an engine
still count
as a car?

Why would someone
create a square mirror
and place it
in a round frame?

If a toothbrush is used
to clean out a drain
is calling it a toothbrush
an act of defiance?

Get back to me
as soon as possible
Preferably while
I’m still in Pittsburgh

My Book

My book is full of pages
that are full of words
and is thus a metaphor
that I shall use
again and again
and with sly intent
while the little people
watch sadly from the wings
and do not understand
the profundity
of my book


Goodness gracious me
just what are you doing
with that pineapple?

It should be
in the middle
of the fruit plate
not hidden off to the side

I fear you will never
find yourself a good man
willing to accommodate
your little eccentricities

Do run off
and pretend to conform
to our society’s unfair standards
there’s a good girl