I found a flower
in the middle of a metaphor
and doused it in gasoline
because of my hatred for metaphors
but once I was done
I found
it had become a simile
which was worse
so now I just let
flowers be metaphors
though I grind
my teeth
as I do

Big Puffy Flower

big puffy flower
how fluttery are thy petals
thy petulant petals
ruffled by the wind of metaphor

You mean so much
big puffy flower
yet still
so little

The dolphin
is here
the flower
caresses the dolphin
and that is all that ever happens

Socks With Flowers on Them

I wrote a poem
about socks with flowers on them
and then my computer froze
and ate my poem
and none of the socks have flowers now
the flowers have been swallowed
by despair
and computer-related frustration
and fury born
of completely unrelated
deadline-induced panic


Egregious pompons
or are they pompoms
no one seems to know for sure
plus a pompon is also a flower
assumedly the very flower that gave pompoms
or pompons
their name

words hold much meaning
and profundity
and deepness
and metaphorical peanut butter
even when they refer
to fluffy balls
tossed around by people who apparently exist only
to cheer the male athletes on