Your beauty glows
like the sushi I left in the fridge
for four and a half weeks
before I found it hiding
behind a jar of mayonnaise

I still haven’t
had the courage to throw it out

It haunts me
that sushi
haunts my thoughts
and stokes my fears

Maybe if I ignore it
it will eventually go away


The bear did not
go over the mountain
the bear did not
go over the mountain
the bear did not
go over the mountain
and thus was spared
a great deal of disappointment


My broom is in your picture frame
like a butterfly trapped in a thunderstorm
and you must cherish my broom
and chastise it
and take it out to dinner
until it bows before the king under the mountain
and eats only popcorn for breakfast
only that
always that


The bees
have taken over
and destroyed
the fabric of reality
but you
will never surrender
will never falter
will never fall
in the face
of bees
in the face
of destiny
in the face
of elementary physics
and all
all that

Someone Has Taken a Bite Out of the Sun

Someone has taken a bite out of the sun
but we cannot look to be sure

We must remain uncertain of the sun’s status
as we do clever things with binoculars and pieces of cardboard

What if the sun’s wound is never healed
and we are stuck forever with a sun with a bite taken out of it?

What if whatever took the bite out of the sun in the first place
thinks Earth will make a tasty dessert?

You tell me the sun really hasn’t had a bite taken out of it
but has just popped behind the moon for a bit

I say you are just not paying attention
and will be the first victim of the sun-eating monster

I wonder what it would be like to take a bite out of the sun
and not care at all what everyone thought of that