is not warm
and I
am cold
and thus
not warm
and you
are cold
and thus
not warm
and the world
is cold
and thus
not warm
and the cold
will never end
and the people
will never rejoice
and the cold
will never be warm
on Tuesdays


Not Really Monday

It is not really Monday
says the meaningful squirrel
to the unrepentant duck
beside the metaphorical fountain
on Tuesday

Tuesday Narrows Its Eyes

Tuesday narrows it eyes
and looks suspiciously
at all the other days
which seem to it
to be up to something nefarious

Some believe
Tuesday was traumatised as a child
by always coming right after Monday
and now approaches life
with deliberate cynicism
though if you ask
it will deny that

Tuesday will slide out of sight
and give way to Wednesday
but it will do so with such subtlety
that no one will realise
it was ever there at all

Wednesday Again

Wednesday never stops
never considers taking a break
maybe being Thursday for a while
or Tuesday
with no pants on

you could stand to take your pants off
and dance around in the middle of Bloor Street
look everybody
I’m actually Tuesday
look at me
wearing no pants

But no
Wednesday wednesdays drearily along
picking its teeth occasionally
to get rid of the olive bits

Not Prepared

It would be extremely nice
if I could skip today entirely
and maybe tomorrow as well
and just go on to Thursday

I long for you
like butter longs for mashed potatoes
like mashed potatoes
long for salt and pepper

Every day should be Thursday
and not Tuesday at all
or Wednesday either

It is possible
that my students have an assignment due today

It is just
barely possible