You’re a Monster

You’re a monster
said the protagonist to the antagonist
which made a lot of sense
and may have passed without comment
if the antagonist hadn’t paused for a moment
and replied
I’m a human being who has made particular choices
and lives a rich and complex inner life
and okay
I mean
I did that one terrible thing right in front of you
while you were in an emotionally vulnerable state
and pretty well pumped full of adrenaline
and now you probably want to kill me
so it’s much easier to think of me as a subhuman denizen of an otherworldly space
but if you’re being honest with yourself
you have to admit that I have just as much of a claim to humanity as you do
and even like kittens quite a lot
whereas you can’t stand them

The protagonist stuck a sword in the antagonist anyway
mostly to stop all the talking


The weekend monster
is fun at the time
and is always doing stuff like
challenging you to beer pong
or initiating long conversations about what would happen
if a duck were elected Prime Minister
but all the while
it is slowly sucking out all your energy
which it will subsequently use
to feed its hungry children
while it laughs at you
behind your back