Yellow Book

Oh my
it is a yellow book
it makes me happy
because it is yellow
I have no idea
what’s inside it
but if it’s as yellow
on the inside
as it is
on the outside
I shall be pleased

But there’s also a bit
of green on the cover
and that worries me
for what if the author
is doing a bait and switch
and the inside of the book
is more green than yellow?
I am very concerned

And what if the inside
of the book is red?
There’s no red on
the cover at all
but what if the cover
is lying to me?
What on earth am I
supposed to do then?

I’m going to have
to trust that the
inside of the book will
be as yellow as possible
and prepare to send
many angry protest letters
if it isn’t


The joy of green
is that it’s not blue
or yellow
but only green
like murder
and butterflies
and we follow the green
into the heart of desire
and box its ears
with sadness
O green
master of all
pitcher of pettiness
take us up
into equality


The stationery store is an insidious fairyland
an otherworldly carnival full of hidden dangers
oh look
it’s a tape dispenser shaped like a frog
I need that
I only have three other tape dispensers
none of them frog-shaped

and there is a ruler
green as poison
while my current ruler
is only clear plastic
I must have it
I must have
the poison-green ruler

and the scissors
O the scissors
the beautiful scissors
in packages of four

if I make it alive
through the thicket of art pens
and emerge winded
near the packing-material wasteland
I must still brave the erasers
and the hole punches
and the ring binders
and the tiny filing cabinets meant for index cards
and if I lay eyes on the coloured paper
I am probably doomed

damn you
stationery store
I do not need another pencil case
but that one is shaped like an orca
and is looking at me
with soulful puppy-whale eyes


is not greenness
though it can sometimes
be similar to purpleness
if purpleness
is redness
with blueness added
which is not really the same thing as pinkness
now that I think of it
but pinkness
is nothing like blueness
or so claims the Voice of Hegemony
and buy yourself a pony.