Love Is Not Your Face

Love is not your face
unless you want it to be

Come love me with your face
and maybe some parsley

I am in love with
a face from a daydream

You are in love with
your own non-love face


Tiny Sword

Your tiny sword
is a metaphor
that pulses with meaning
as you hold it
in your tiny hand

the tininess of the sword
and the hand
and the metaphor

My love for you
is a tiny sword
with a blunt edge

Sharpen it
my love

Sharpen i


It is huge
thundering through the door
coming for us
coming for us all
without discrimination
or mercy
or fear
and we cannot see it
and we cannot stop it
and all of us tremble
before it

It is LOVE

Or that is what
the movies tell us


My love for you
is like a parcel
full of things
that haven’t yet been paid for
and now you’re all worried
because the items in the parcel
aren’t really yours yet
at all

Love Poem for Sale

Love poem for sale
fresh from the pen
of fourteen-year-old
Laura Williams
who is not in love with anyone
but recognises that love poems
are expected of teenage girls
and has moved preemptively
to produce poetry just terrible enough
that no one will detect the cynicism
lurking beneath the gushing description
of the boy Laura imagines
every other girl is crushing on
and turning the clumsy words
into metaphors
for little half-knowing smiles