Broken strap
= broken heart




Stage Light

The light on the stage
lights up the performer brilliantly
but does not allow that performer
to see the document
she is supposed to be reading

This must be some sort of metaphor
for the tragedy of sentience
or the destiny of humankind
or the irony of the social and cultural structure of the Western world
or the proper way to prepare fish

Let us shine the light of obscurity
on the performer of ineptitude
and create a situation
that drags us kicking and screaming
towards profundity


Egregious pompons
or are they pompoms
no one seems to know for sure
plus a pompon is also a flower
assumedly the very flower that gave pompoms
or pompons
their name

words hold much meaning
and profundity
and deepness
and metaphorical peanut butter
even when they refer
to fluffy balls
tossed around by people who apparently exist only
to cheer the male athletes on

Ode to a Problematic Pulled Pork Sandwich

O Sandwich
you glisten in the moonlight
which you probably shouldn’t do–
I mean
I have never associated the word “sandwich” with the word “glisten” before
but you have fundamentally shifted
my point of view

I have always believed that a sandwich
should not have to be eaten with
a knife and fork
but again
you have shattered my world
O Sandwich

The bottom of the bun
used to make you
should really not be that soggy
or is there meaning behind your sogginess
and tragic profundity
behind your accompanying coleslaw?

Ravish me
O Sandwich
since I am finding it rather difficult
to ravish you