Piled Up

All the work
in looming piles
that cannot be ignored
oh no

there is something mediocre
on Netflix



Must do work
but have bad headache
must do work
but have bad headache
must do work
but have bad headache
must stop mentioning bad headache
and just do work
must avoid repetitive
poetry structure
must turn off lights
and hide under covers
must find water
to alleviate dehydration
must do work
but have bad headache
must complain about everything
any get nothing done anyway

Work Mound

There is
a work mound
evil work mound
not letting
me enjoy
anything else
since it’s a work mound
and it’s waiting
and I’m avoiding
the work mound
but will never
quite escape it
evil work mound
in my heart

Harp Mockery

O little harp
sitting there
mocking me
with your presence
as I cannot play you
because I have work to do
and you
are not work
are music
which is not work
oh no
and I weep tears of harplessness
as I wait
for the work
to miraculously
and conveniently

Time Flies

Time flies
when you’re having panic
because you must cram three months’ worth of work
into a day
which is probably your own fault
though that doesn’t help much
since it doesn’t absolve you
from doing the work


Good lord
that owl is still staring at me
that photographed owl
eternally sitting
on the tree branch

I wish it were a space owl
in fact
I wish everything were a space owl
an owl
in space

That way
I wouldn’t have to go back
to work
in September

Brain Fart

She spells her name with an “i”
not a “y”
an “i”
not a “y”
so naturally
I used both
in the same sentence
without realising
and now have to redo a bunch of work
and am sad
so sad
because she spells her name with an “i”
not a “y”
and I
did not notice
the difference