the healing of the shattered twig
above the grass in my violin
above the nails in my violin
watch the weather tear through my violin
as the garlic
the garlic
festers in the space beneath my violin

and the green onions
are hanged in the wardrobe
and the grey carrots
are hanged in the wardrobe
and the orange carrot
lonely in the bunch
cries out against the night
against the despair
the lost voice
of the isolated vegetable

and the flowery vase
is hanged in the wardrobe
and the violin bow
is hanged in the wardrobe
and all is lost
and none is harmed
and everything makes sense


Dreams Are Always Meaningful

I had a dream in which
I failed my French test
while walking naked through a crowd
of all my childhood crushes
who were busy finding typos in
a job application I submitted
in 1997

Weird Dream

I had a weird dream
about Anakin Skywalker
growing up in my old house
alongside Luke Skywalker
who had time-travelled backwards for some reason
and was cautiously getting to know his father
except both of them were like ten or something
and other nefarious things were happening too
in fact
there was this whole super complicated plot
but I can’t remember what it was
except that Anakin was kind of shady
and wasn’t very nice to Luke
and everybody was on the stairs at some point for some reason
and all the characters were male
which probably means my subconscious mind is sexist


So I was watching
2001: A Space Odyssey
except it had scenes that weren’t in the actual movie
which didn’t bother me at all
though I was bothered by the scene
where Discovery had to make its way through all the space rocks
and then immediately ended up back on Earth
on a beach
in the sunshine
and I went
where is the bit with the monolith and the space baby?
but the people from the alternate universe to which I had travelled
assured me that the movie had always been like that
and then showed me their technology
which was nothing like the technology from my world
and in fact they were puzzled by the idea of computers and smartphones and found them funny
and I began to realise why the film was so different in their world
and contained no space babies at all
and I woke up determined to write a story set in that universe
though as it turned out
it had really just been a stupid idea all along

Profound Dream

chainsaw-wielding clown
caught crispy in a twist of cinnamon
come my clown
come and dance
on the bed of rusty petunias

it must mean something
when the rabbit
and the other rabbit
and the third rabbit
and the penguin
fountain upward in mists of violet
and scream imprecations at the porcupine

burn the clown of dissent
burn the clown of remorse
and watch out
for the epic dystopian spy plot
in which I play at least four parts

good night clown
good night brown
rabbit in the pasture
with the rain coming down