Since the dawn of time
man has written this essay
which will discuss the role
of irony
and metaphor
in the themes
the author is discussing

To start
the author uses irony
because it is ironic
that the author is writing
about this subject
which is a subject
that is ironic itself

the author uses language
unlike other authors
and through language
he writes words
with meanings
that are interesting

the author uses metaphor
in these four places
which I shall describe in detail
ending the paragraph
with a block quotation

In conclusion
I have discussed irony
and metaphor
in this essay
which has concluded
that the author
has discussed what he has discussed
in a way that gives meaning
to the themes he discusses
in this essay


you’re so rude
you wear a shirt
with “rude” on it
in big block letters

you’re so rude
people point you out
on the street
as an example of rudeness

you’re so rude
you make it into
poems about you being rude
without even trying

you’re so rude
you don’t even say thank you
when you’re written
into a rudeness poem

hand fish

finger points
to hand fish
inside mystical cave
full of clues
of magic
and terror
and pie

follow the
pointing finger
to the hand fish
and its mother
who is upset
about Grendel
with cherries
on top

you may not
have my hand fish
for it is mine
and not yours at all