The fudge
behind your eyes
is transcendent
but please stop
my chocolate


One of Those Days

this fish
is certainly not
what I meant to trip on this morning
and I had no clue
I would end up at the bottom
of the world’s longest staircase
being photographed by twelve reporters
who have gathered to witness
the coming of a benevolent alien race
known for its astounding chocolate

I guess
you can just never tell
what’s going to happen

Deadlines Are Scary

Deadlines are scary
and covered with chocolate
though sometimes not
because of how scary they are

Badgers are not deadlines
though they could be
as badgers have the power
to be anything they like

I am a badger
but not a deadline
and not scary
except on Tuesdays

I need a deadline
to save me from the badgers
the terrible badgers
with chocolate on their claws