Spooky Cat

There is a spooky cat
inside your face
and every time you look at me
I see it
and am thoroughly


Definitely Not a Cat

Damn damn damn
I have tripped over my own assumptions
and am about to learn a neat little lesson
as I sit with a symbolic animal
in my lab

While that happens
stand by
and afterwards
one of us can become the villain

I bet that
sounds good
to you


He accidentally posted
as his cat
prompting puzzled followers
to ask
why Mr. McFluffikins
had such strong opinions
on American politics
and the economic importance
of renewable fuel sources

Mr. McFluffikins
of course

Neither of them
will ever be done
apologising for this


you are fascinating
to everyone on the Internet
though to be perfect accurate
you’re really a small fuzzy psychopath
whose default mentality is KILL KILL KILL
and who would happily eat me
if I were just a bit smaller
yet the first word most people think of
when they see you
is “cute”

Please teach me