My train of thought
has been derailed
and gone screaming off a cliff
into a pit
lined with marbles
which makes it very slippery
and hard to get out of
especially if you are
in fact
a train

My metaphor
has also been derailed
and is stuck in the same pit
where it has cleverly set up shop
and is selling peaches


Headache of terror
why do you plague me?
do you scream salaciously through my brain
when I need to be doing things
that headaches do not help?
Silly headache.

Last night I listened
to two full episodes of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
because I couldn’t look at anything
and I couldn’t think about anything
and I wasn’t tired
and the only thing my weeping brain could tolerate
was the muted sound of Arthur Dent
trying to stop his house from being demolished
on the day the Earth was destroyed
to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

I must have fallen asleep briefly
since I somehow missed the bit
with the Vogon poetry.

At any rate,
the point is that I probably need new glasses
but my prescription is in Etobicoke
and I am not.

Alack the day.


you are very nice to me
you say all the right things
you look in all the right places
you seem
supremely knowledgeable
on the subject of teeth

it’s just that
I can’t help but remember the time
the metal ring sprang loose and went down my throat
and stuck there
and then there was the screaming and the crying
and the slobbering and more screaming
every time the involuntary swallowing happened
and the paramedics were called
and the other patients came to look at me
and it was all rather terrible

but now I trust you
oh yes
and you should know that
despite how white
my knuckles are right now

Profound Dream

chainsaw-wielding clown
caught crispy in a twist of cinnamon
come my clown
come and dance
on the bed of rusty petunias

it must mean something
when the rabbit
and the other rabbit
and the third rabbit
and the penguin
fountain upward in mists of violet
and scream imprecations at the porcupine

burn the clown of dissent
burn the clown of remorse
and watch out
for the epic dystopian spy plot
in which I play at least four parts

good night clown
good night brown
rabbit in the pasture
with the rain coming down