No Time Travel for Girls


No time travel for girls
says the sign on the side
of the time machine

Girls are too delicate
to handle time travel
and can’t do the requisite math

A girl in a time machine
would disrupt the space-time continuum
by being in a time machine as a girl

Girls suffer from PMS
which makes them mix up their time-travel models
and destroy the very fabric of reality

If a girl travelled in time
she would step on an important butterfly
since girls are always doing things like that

A proper girl should already be dead of something tragic
so her sweetheart can travel in time
and completely fail to save her

No girls allowed
says the sign on the side
of the time machine

The time-travelling girls
have got more or less used to it
and shrug as they pass it in their futuristic jackets



The droids you are looking for
are discussing time and relative dimension in space
near Platform 9 3/4
so may the odds be ever in your favour
and to make it so
to let it go