It has been decreed
in the hallowed halls
of the highest court
of this mystical land
that I am not allowed
to be angry

I can suffer in silence
and I can defer to my betters
and I can raise mild objections in a conciliatory tone
and I can let others speak
and I can allow myself to be interrupted
and I can smile
and I can sigh
and I can nurse the roiling mass of rage seething endlessly within my chest
but no anger
for me

The people who are allowed
to be angry
tend to high five
and offer each other jobs
as they stand companionably together
in office washrooms

I shall go on a quest
to discover the secret elixir
that will allow me access to anger
though my friends say
the elixir is a lie

I prefer to believe
it is not
and to nurse the anger
I am not allowed to feel
so that it grows sharp and pointy
and nobody notices
but I


The Noise Goes Ever On and On

I had a headache
and today
I am clearly going to have another headache
because of the jackhammers
and the pneumatic drills
and this construction project
which has
to my recollection
been going on for the last twelve years

I mean
I’m pretty sure you’ve already refurbished all the balconies
including mine ten years ago or so
and now you’re starting again
on the balconies you refurbished first
meaning that you’re once again
going to go all the way around the freaking building
which will take you six years
and doubtless you will replace the balconies
you replaced last time

Perhaps you could instead direct your attention
to the building’s elevators
which only work when they feel like it
and sometimes jerk to a halt
with worrying BAMs
and then shudder as they creep towards the ground floor

But no
you are fixated on balconies
and compensate
by offering free ear plugs
which is
I’m sure
very comforting to us

Okay Like Seriously

This has gone far enough
lingering cough
you must clear out
before I hit you over the head
with the tiny instrument
I need to play today
which will be difficult
with all the desperate coughing
and did I mention the singing?
I didn’t
did I?
You have already ruined my week off
which should have been a week marking
but was mostly a week huddling on my couch
and feeling sorry for myself
and now you are aiming to ruin
my weekend as well
lingering cough
you are a mouldy bag of packing peanuts
and I
am above you

Because I Like Waking Up Eleven Times in the Middle of the Night

I have heard
that some people are capable
of getting “mild colds”
that are over in a day and a half
and cause nothing but a few sniffles
and a throat tingle or two

They are generally
the sort of people
who see you huddled
red-nosed and constantly sneezing
in the middle of an enormous drift of used tissues
and cheerfully assure you
that they know how you feel
because they had a cough once
though it went away an hour later

I would like a way
to give these people my headache
as well as my sore throat
my constant coughing fits
and quite a lot of my mucus

the next time I hear the words
“It’s just a cold”
there is definitely going to be blood


you drop
your music stand
on your foot
pointy end down
and it bounces
onto your other foot
still pointy
end down
and you spend
three days
trying to make
the situation
but fail
and are left with
foot pain
and anger
then you
have truly partaken
of the tragedy
of human