Night Anxieties

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
Does anyone really have a purpose?
Who are you?
Why are you in my bed?
Is this actually my bed?
Oh my God, it isn’t, is it?
How did I get here?
Why am I in handcuffs?
Do you have bodyguards?
What’s in that closet?
Is it a portal to another dimension?
Where did that wise old man come from?
How did I suddenly end up on a desperate journey to free a country beaten down by war?
Why am I and my band of unlikely companions trapped in a desperate situation from which there is no escape?
How did we escape that?
Did we just succeed?
Am I being crowned?
Are the people rejoicing?
Why are they?
Did I ever find out what my purpose was?
How terrible is that?

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