I seem to have committed poetry today
mostly by accident
though possibly with a bit of
malice aforethought
and one or two intentional similes
albeit ones so subtle
no one will realise they’re there

My poetry is ashamed of itself
and won’t stop hiding behind my leg
and I think it may just have urinated
on someone’s lawn
but at least I keep it on a leash
and don’t let it roam free through the neighbourhood
unlike some neglectful and irresponsible poets

My poetry is running for president
and will not stop going on about itself
and when someone accuses it of being full of mixed metaphors
and unclear of what it really stands for
it just tweets about how terrible all the other poems are
and proclaims its metaphors the best
and not mixed at all

My poetry has been committed today
to a good institution full of kind sonnets
dedicated to helping it realise
it needs a lot of help
and an editor
and fewer claims that it contains similes
when it doesn’t really do so at all

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