Time Travel

Here I am
time travelling from the end of this poem to

Wait a minute
what are you doing?
This doesn’t even make sense

Of course it doesn’t make sense
it’s time travel
it’s not real
so here I am doing it
and ruining your poem with it

It’s your poem too
you’re sabotaging your own poem
but that’s crazy
you can’t time travel in a poem

Wait wait wait
hold on
I need to point out to everyone
that you’re about to lose your temper

and of course I am
as a future version of myself is nonsensically destroying this poem

It’s fine
everything’s fine
we’re all fine here

You are annoying me and ruining my poem
get out
get out forever
future me

Make me

I will

I’d like to see you try

I’m already trying

Too late
the poem’s almost over

then I’ll just go back to the beginning
and attack you there

Oh no

Oh yes
see how you like that
see how you cope with THAT

Please don’t
please stay here and
she’s gone

She’s going to like
being me

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