Bass Clef

Somebody please tell me
why the bass clef
is not arranged the same way
as the treble clef

would it be that terrible
if they were the same?
Why torture us needlessly
by making them slightly different
so that people who have to use both simultaneously
end up wanting very much to stab someone?

My feelings about the bass clef
may be a bit too similar to my feelings
about certain kinds of cheese

4 thoughts on “Bass Clef

  1. The “clarinet in Bb”
    sounds a major second lower than the note written.
    A piece in C major for everyone else
    has the clarinet part written in D major.
    But when the piece is in C# minor,
    it would be cruel to the clarinetist
    to play in D# minor
    rather than Eb minor,
    so the poor conductor or pianist
    suddenly finds him or herself
    trying to transpose by a diminished third
    rather than the already annoying
    major second
    to figure out what the clarinettist is playing.


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