World Poetry Day

is World Poetry Day
so I
shall write some World Poetry

It will not rhyme
so stop saying it should
and stop torturing Neil Gaiman
who doesn’t have to write rhyming poetry
if he doesn’t want to

It will be self-referential
because it is deliberately bad
and it will even mention
its deliberate badness
in an ironic postmodern sort of way
which will be even more ironic and postmodern than usual
because it contains the words “ironic” and “postmodern”
three times each

It will be pompous
and self-important
which is not a comment on poetry in general
though some will take it as such
and will demand my head
in iambic pentameter

In the end
it will not really have all that much to do
with poetry at all
and will simply hang out on the Internet a bit
eventually to be forgotten
like tears in the rain

(And in case you were wondering
that was the bit
where it stole blatantly from Blade Runner
in a failed attempt
to seem ever so slightly profound)


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