Science Fiction

Let’s tell a story
of a futuristic world
in which we carefully build a convincing
model of what may be our actual
oh no wait it’s really an allegory
for our own society
and the specific problems we’re having with it

Let’s have our protagonist
travel through time
in a time machine that runs via a fairly convincing mechanism
so she can explore a past culture
that really existed and
wait no it’s an allegory again
and now she’s learning a lesson about her family

Let’s send our heroes
to a distant planet
via technology extrapolated from actual experiments being done now
and examine in detail
the effects of space travel on
no sorry it’s another allegory
and now there are space monsters and they’re allegorical too

Let’s carefully craft an alien-invasion narrative that
screw it
it’ll be an allegory for terrorism or something
so if you want me
I’ll be in the bar


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