Danaë is not particularly happy
about basically being sealed up in a metal box forever
by a paranoid old man who sees her as a sort of walking uterus
with potential to produce a stabby homicidal baby
and he’s done the usual thing where he reacts badly to a prophecy
while everyone can see perfectly well he’s going to set up the conditions
that will ensure it comes true

At any rate
Danaë is chilling in her metal box
probably doing quadratic equations in her head because otherwise it would be boring in there
and suddenly this shower of gold defies the law of physics
and somehow gets into the box
and right into that dangerous uterus of hers
where it creates the stabby baby
and yes
the paranoid king really should have seen this coming

And Danaë goes
oh hey
this is a bit strange even for you
are you sure you’re feeling okay?

But Zeus is all being a shower of gold at the moment
and he doesn’t reply
because he has no mouth
no brain

Zeus goes away
and Danaë is left in her box
not really feeling any different
but grumpily sure
she just became a problematic passing motif
in somebody else’s story


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