The Noise Goes Ever On and On

I had a headache
and today
I am clearly going to have another headache
because of the jackhammers
and the pneumatic drills
and this construction project
which has
to my recollection
been going on for the last twelve years

I mean
I’m pretty sure you’ve already refurbished all the balconies
including mine ten years ago or so
and now you’re starting again
on the balconies you refurbished first
meaning that you’re once again
going to go all the way around the freaking building
which will take you six years
and doubtless you will replace the balconies
you replaced last time

Perhaps you could instead direct your attention
to the building’s elevators
which only work when they feel like it
and sometimes jerk to a halt
with worrying BAMs
and then shudder as they creep towards the ground floor

But no
you are fixated on balconies
and compensate
by offering free ear plugs
which is
I’m sure
very comforting to us

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