Time Machine

So today I’m standing outside a retro diner
and this flying car drops out of the sky
and an old man and a kid get out of it
and start going on about time travel
and then they really look around
and the old man goes
where are all the flying cars
and cybernetic implants
and I’m like
I think you may have come to the wrong future accidentally
or maybe you changed something in your time
by removing the time machine from it
which must mean you get stuck here
and all the technology you invented
just vanished from the past
and didn’t contribute to society at all
so now you’re trapped in a crappy future
that is your own fault

And the old man and the kid go into panic mode
and start discussing alternate timelines
but I’m not sure what happens next
because I nip into Starbucks to get a coffee
and miss the rest of the drama


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