So I was watching
2001: A Space Odyssey
except it had scenes that weren’t in the actual movie
which didn’t bother me at all
though I was bothered by the scene
where Discovery had to make its way through all the space rocks
and then immediately ended up back on Earth
on a beach
in the sunshine
and I went
where is the bit with the monolith and the space baby?
but the people from the alternate universe to which I had travelled
assured me that the movie had always been like that
and then showed me their technology
which was nothing like the technology from my world
and in fact they were puzzled by the idea of computers and smartphones and found them funny
and I began to realise why the film was so different in their world
and contained no space babies at all
and I woke up determined to write a story set in that universe
though as it turned out
it had really just been a stupid idea all along


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