Poem Constructed Almost Entirely From the Titles of the Books on a Single Shelf of my Gloriously Muddled Bookcase

Nature power
brings us
the hard facts about the Brothers Grimm,
not another learning experience
when worlds go splat

Blueberry girl,
are you my mother?
A wizard at war
with Sherlock Homes
crosses the timeline
as we rise up singing
and make
the Mona Lisa sacrifice

Raising steam
goes right to the bone
and wilderness tips
for the impostor’s daughter
demonstrate only
that one of our Thursdays is missing

Where are my books?
The secret voyage of Sir Francis Drake
propels Hansel and Gretel
into a world
in which M is for magic

We all get extraterrestrial credit
with liberty and recess for all
and in the end
of course
I shall wear midnight

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