The stationery store is an insidious fairyland
an otherworldly carnival full of hidden dangers
oh look
it’s a tape dispenser shaped like a frog
I need that
I only have three other tape dispensers
none of them frog-shaped

and there is a ruler
green as poison
while my current ruler
is only clear plastic
I must have it
I must have
the poison-green ruler

and the scissors
O the scissors
the beautiful scissors
in packages of four

if I make it alive
through the thicket of art pens
and emerge winded
near the packing-material wasteland
I must still brave the erasers
and the hole punches
and the ring binders
and the tiny filing cabinets meant for index cards
and if I lay eyes on the coloured paper
I am probably doomed

damn you
stationery store
I do not need another pencil case
but that one is shaped like an orca
and is looking at me
with soulful puppy-whale eyes

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