you are very nice to me
you say all the right things
you look in all the right places
you seem
supremely knowledgeable
on the subject of teeth

it’s just that
I can’t help but remember the time
the metal ring sprang loose and went down my throat
and stuck there
and then there was the screaming and the crying
and the slobbering and more screaming
every time the involuntary swallowing happened
and the paramedics were called
and the other patients came to look at me
and it was all rather terrible

but now I trust you
oh yes
and you should know that
despite how white
my knuckles are right now


4 thoughts on “Dentist

  1. My goodness, that one was a little painful to read. That could easily give someone a fear of dentists for the rest of their lives, even if they know it’s not likely an incident that would be repeated.


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