The Profundity of Central Air

Why do you leave on that roaring air conditioner
all night?
It sounds as if you want
to replicate the sounds of traffic
absent from this hotel room
because your hotel
is actually in the middle of a forest
and besides
my room’s window looks out over the indoor swimming pool
and not anywhere outside at all

It is fun to be lying in bed all night
thinking, “Gosh, that superhighway is busy right now,”
when really it’s just the air conditioner
howling imprecations into the darkness
for some reason

Oh look
it’s actually a fan
not an air conditioner
and you can turn it off
which I didn’t realise
and now I’m mad at myself for spending hours listening to a
non-existent superhighway when I really didn’t have to

I’m sure this could turn into a metaphor
if I weren’t so tired


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