Treacherous Cheese

It lurks
on the party tray
half-hidden beneath
a landslide of crackers
white and plump
and glistening with untapped potential
and I know
you know
it is there

Your lactose intolerance
makes me wary
makes me want to leap upon the cheese and
devour it myself
to save you
from your problematic impulses

You love the cheese
but it does not love you
it does not love any of us
when you eat it
because we know
you will spend the next three hours
in the bathroom

On my knees
I beg you:
resist the temptation
of the cheese
and spare us the discomfort
of a party
during which no one
has anywhere
to pee


One thought on “Treacherous Cheese

  1. hahaha!!! Beautiful! You and I share a lot in common when it comes down to writing bad poetry. I too, write bad poetry.

    Check out my page and tell me if you like what you read. You’ll be tripping out or laughing out loud. 🙂

    This poem of yours is amazing and mind blowing.


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